Harvest Bowl

Every Sunday I prep 8 bowls for the week for grab and go lunches Monday – Thursday. If I don’t do this, my husband inevitably ends up eating 2 Kind bars for lunch. Not good for him, and probably not good for his co-workers. This is a Fall variation with […]

Wheat Berry Greek Salad

This is everything you love about a Greek Salad, bulked up to make it a filling main. If you’ve never used sumac, you’re missing out. It’s a Middle Eastern spice that has a tangy, lemony taste. It brightens up so many dishes. If you’re avoiding gluten, feel free to substitute […]

Warm Bacon & Winter Vegetable Salad

This is a salad for when you really do not want a salad. It’s decadent, but also full of deep roasted flavor from the vegetables, and smoky meatiness from the bacon. This recipe is easily made vegan by omitting the bacon. Why it fuels Did you know Rutabaga is full […]

Chicken, Corn & Potato Soup

Did somebody say avocado on my soup? Yes, please. This soup is actually based off of a traditional Colombian Ajiaco recipe. It’s got a subtle smoky flavor from cumin, and is brightened by lime juice, briny capers and cilantro. Why it Fuels: Lime juice lends vitamin C to boost immunity […]